2023 Ducati Multistrada V4 S

2023 Ducati Multistrada V4 S

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2023 Multistrada
V4 Granturismo, V4 - 90°, 4 valves per cylinder, counter-rotatin
Gearbox - 6 speed
2023 Ducati Multistrada V4 S


Get ready to discover the fourth Multistrada generation.

Sportier and more touring, stronger in off-road use and easier in urban action. Lightweight and compact, with the new 170 HP V4 Granturismo engine for a sporty and exciting ride on mixed terrain. Ready for long journeys thanks to the navigation-system that can be viewed on the dashboard and the innovative rider assistance radar-system, it will offer you excellent riding comfort and a main service-interval only after 36,000 miles, the Oil Service, are now scheduled at 9,300 miles or 24 months.

And when the asphalt ends fun will continue thanks to the high ground clearance, the electronic suspension, the surprisingly fluid power delivery and the perfect ergonomics for stand-up riding. After your adventures you will feel great ease and control in daily use thanks to the advanced electronic ride assist systems and the ability to adjust the seat down to 810 mm in height.

New Ducati Multistrada V4: ruling all roads has never been easier.




  • ADJUSTABLE DYNAMIC WINDSHIELD: So simple, yet so advanced. The windshield is equipped with adjustable winglets and shaped for maximum protection.
  • WIND COOLER BYPASS: Side aerodynamic bypass help deviating and controlling the air flow around the rider to improve the overall comfort.
  • AERODYNAMIC SPLIT RADIATORS: Redesign of the positioning of the front radiators to maximize aerodynamic efficiency.
  • FRONT WINGLETS: Increase stability with vertical load and improve thermic comfort by deviating the radiators’ hot air away from the rider.
  • SLICE THROUGH THE WIND: Aerodynamic research has explored every bit of the bike’s profile to maximize rider’s protection. The beak, the fairing, the shoulders of the tank and the exit of the bypass radiators have been examined in order not to let flows of hot air fall on the rider and to protect it in general to maximize the coverage of the rider and a better penetration into the air that results in comfort and lower consumption.
  • THERMIC COMFORT: Aerodynamic research plays a crucial role in maintining the perfect thermic comfort too: front winglets and bypass design keep the radiators’ hot air flow away from the rider, channeling fresh air and granting the perfect temperature. Thermic comfort is also supported by the engine rear cylinder deactivation. This specific function, taken from the Desmosedici Stradale model, is triggered when the engine is running at low speed, shutting off the rear bank, the one closest to the seat, improving comfort for both rider and passenger, thanks to the decrease in temperatures whilst optimizing consumptions.


  • COMMANDING LOOK: Signature DRL headlight confers to the new Multistrada V4 the unmistakable Ducati family feeling.
  • COMPACT BODY: Multistrada V4 improves the family’s sporty and handling-oriented. The 22l muscular tank and the compact chassis proportions make its flyline unique.
  • THE STYLE OF ROBUSTNESS: Designed for heavy use. Built-in turning signals, new generation rear swingarm and subframe. Every detail of the new Multistrada V4 speaks of solidity.
  • TECHNOLOGY FEELING: Hi-tech inside and out. The rear lights and the DRL projector, the radar and the large TFT dashboard give the new Multistrada V4 a technological equipment that intensely characterizes its look.


  • ADVANCED CONNECTIVITY: With the new Ducati Connect system, your phone connects to the bike allowing you to control different actions through the handlebar joystick.
  • RADAR SYSTEM: The new Multistrada V4 is the first motorcycle in the world to mount both front and rear radar systems, making it possible to install riding support technologies such as Adaptive Cruise Control and Blind Spot Detection.
  • MINIMUM PRELOAD: The Minimum Preload is a new semi-automatic function of the electronic suspension that allows the rider to reduce the height of the motorcycle and makes it easier and safer to place the feet on the ground during city use or when manoeuvring at low speed, especially with a passenger on board.
  • DUCATI EVO SYSTEMS: Straight from the racing experience. The new Multistrada V4 is equipped with the best electronic riding assistance systems such as DTC, ABS Cornering, DWC, DQS.
  • RADAR-POWERED FUNCTIONS: One of the great new innovations of the new Multistrada V4 is the adoption of the front and rear radar, new to the two-wheeled world. A useful system for the implementation of driving aid applications such as the Adaptive Cruise Control and the Blind Spot Detection that helps the rider to identify potentially dangerous situations.
  • 6.5-INCH DASHBOARD: Adjustable in inclination to be perfectly visible whatever the rider's height, the large dashboard houses a 6.5-inch TFT screen. In color, with high resolution and perfect visibility in any light condition, the new TFT features a new HMI interface, completely redesigned to be more intuitive, easy to use and pleasant to look at. Available in 6 languages, the dashboard integrates all the information the pilot needs during the journey - including the dynamic navigation map - and is the first dashboard equipped with optical bonding technology, which improves the visibility of the interface and enables dark mode. graphics even during the day.
  • DUCATI CONNECT: Thanks to the Ducati Connect system, compatible with iOs and Android, through smartphone mirroring you can do everything you may need during the trip. Search your contacts or type a phone number using the keypad; play your favorite music by scrolling through folders, artists, albums and playlists; set your destination and follow the navigation on the complete map view integrated in the dashboard. The entire HMI interface, and therefore all the functions of the Ducati Connect, can be comfortably controlled by an innovative joystick, located on the control block on the left side of the handlebar and equipped with buttons with backlit characters. Once the connection between smartphone and dashboard via Bluetooth and Wifi has been established, the rider can put the phone in his pocket, or insert it in the dedicated compartment on the tank, waterproof, equipped with a convenient USB socket for charging.
  • DYNAMIC INTELLIGENCE: Sports, long-distance tourism, alone or as a couple, off-road or even simply for urban use, the electronics allow you to always have the ideal bike for any condition and use.
  • SKYHOOK SUSPENSIONS: The exclusive Ducati Skyhook semi-active suspension system, with its 400 possible configuration combinations, offers the full potential for customizing the riding experience.
  • LOAD MODE AND RIDING MODES: 4 riding modes to customize the delivery and power of the bike according to your wishes, auto-leveling and 4 load modes to adapt the bike to the load.
  • QUICK SHIFT: The evolved quick shift, derived from Ducati's racing experience, interacts with the inertial platform to optimize the gear performance.


  • THIS ENGINE IS BORN OUT OF A COLLECTIVE OBSESSION FOR SMOOTHNESS: Lightness and compactness, fluidity and regularity, durability and comfort. These are the pillars that define the innovative strength of the new V4 Granturismo. A paradigm shift designed to elevate Ducati sportiness towards new horizons of usability and solidity.
  • THEOREM #1 4 IS LIGHTER THAN 2: A V4 engine which is 1.2 Kg lighter and more compact compared to the previous V2 Multistrada generation engine. An achievement that guarantees effective and reliable performance.
  • THEOREM #2 THE POWER IS SMOOTH: Up to 170 hp to achieve slick and smooth-running performance on demand. A smooth engine at low speed, great torque at medium speed and sporting spirit at high speed.
  • THEOREM #3 BUILT TO TRAVEL FAR: The 37,300 mile valve clearance adjustment interval is an absolute milestone that raises the standard of reliability and reduces maintenance costs.
  • THEOREM #4 THE FUTURE SOUNDS FAMILIAR: Signature twin-pulse firing order and MotoGP derived counter-rotating crankshaft make the new V4 Granturismo engine more Ducati than ever.
  • 37,300 MILES OF FREEDOM: 37,300 miles: 1.5 times the earth’s circumference. This is the interval for checking valve clearance. This is the value that describes the robustness and durability of this new engine. A figure that for the rider means above all one thing: more time to enjoy in the saddle. The know-how developed on the desmodromic system, applied to the spring distribution, allows the valve clearance check interval to be extended to 37,300 miles, compared to an industry average of 15,535 miles, less than half.
  • THE POWER OF SMOOTHNESS: The V4 Granturismo figures clearly define its unique character: A sporting-spirit DNA, yet boasting a smooth and well-balanced output along the entire torque curve. A very powerful 170hp engine, smooth and fluid at low revs, progressive and firm in the mids, with a peak torque of almost 127 Nm. Really exciting at high revs. Excellent in all conditions, perfect for all riding modes.
  • DEDICATED GEARSHIFT; No detail has been overlooked in the engine design. The gearbox is also totally dedicated with ratios that make it more versatile. A shorter first gear and a longer sixth gear than the Desmosedici Stradale engine, allow the bike to be adaptable in all situations of use: from off-road, to low-speed maneuvers to riding on the motorway.
  • COUNTER-ROTATING CRANKSHAFT: The adoption of the counter-rotating crankshaft - borrowed from the Desmosedici Stradale - allows to significantly reduce the gyroscopic effect that the wheels impart to the vehicle, improving handling and agility and reducing pitching during acceleration and braking. This technical choice improves riding safety and comfort in daily road use or traveling.


  • The new Multistrada V4 reaches new levels of handling, riding fluidity, intuitiveness and ease of use. Compact and agile, the frame and chassis have been designed to give an intense feeling of ease of riding and safe stability at high speeds.
  • NEW DOUBLE-SIDED SWINGARM: The Multistrada V4 is equipped with a uniquely designed double-sided swingarm inspired by the principles of additive technology.
  • IMPROVED REAR SUBFRAME SOLIDITY: A new two elements rear trellis frame improves robustness and makes room for underseat storage and the adjustable saddle.
  • ULTRA LIGHT MONOCOQUE FRAME: The MotoGP-derived monocoque frame allows for a significant weight reduction and adds high rigidity and stability at high speeds.
  • 19 INCHES: The 19" front wheel ensures a rounded and intuitive ride in sport and touring use, as well as greater control on unpaved roads.
  • ADAPTIVE SOUL: Compared to the previous generation, the compactness of the V4 Granturismo engine and the reduced wheelbase make the bike shorter, more agile and with a center of gravity perfectly positioned in the vehicle. This structure generates an ease of riding that instills safety in every rider, in any riding situation: from long-distance comfort to the pleasure of off-road performance, also enhancing the Ducati sporting DNA.
  • JUST THE PLEASURE OF RIDING: The new Multistrada V4 has been engineered for maximum riding comfort. Aerodynamics, engine delivery and optimization of the characteristics of the frame combine to achieve excellent values in the field of NVH (Noise and Vibration Harshness). Ergonomics have also been improved, to ensure a more comfortable seat position for both touring and off-road standing riding.
  • VIBRATION REDUCTION: All chassis balances and engine gears are optimized to reduce vibrations and offer the best possible comfort to the rider and passenger. Getting on the Multistrada V4 means letting yourself be enveloped by a "bubble of silence", inside which you can comfortably ride with the helmet open even at high speed. Minimal vibrations maximize comfort, especially over long distances, as does engine noise which is kept to a minimum thanks to reduced gearbox allowances.
  • ERGONOMY FOR COMFORT: Saddle, seat profile and leg room have been designed to put any rider at ease. Not all motorcyclists are the same, and when riding a Multistrada it is important to make the experience of every rider comfortable on all types of roads.
  • RIDING POSITION: Thanks to the compact engine, more space has been obtained to mount an adjustable saddle capable of meeting all needs. The saddle was redesigned to be more narrow, with a lean center section to increase control in standing maneuvers and flatter to facilitate longitudinal movements. The narrow central section guarantees ease of touching the ground to riders of all heights, a versatility also increased by the two positions on which the saddle is adjustable.
  • PASSENGER COMFORT: The passenger seat padding has been improved to maximise comfot. First of all has been widened and equipped with more comfortable handles and more leg room, but it is also made thicker (+ 25 mm) and longer (+40 mm).
  • SOUND QUALITY: The exhaust has been perfected both at the level of the manifold and at the level of the terminals by an accurate work of sound quality. The result is a sound that, recalling the classic twin-cylinder, transmits all the sportiness of Ducati DNA, lowering the frequencies that could interfere with the acoustic comfort of the rider and that could be tiring on long journeys.