2023 Ducati Monster 937 SP

2023 Ducati Monster 937 SP

Starting at $15,595.00


2023 Monster
2023 Ducati Monster 937 SP


Functional and effective, the chassis of the Monster SP carries the inspiring principles of Ducati Superbikes on a road bike, as has always been the philosophy of the Monster. The load-bearing engine is connected to an aluminum Front Frame chassis conceptually similar to that of the Panigale V4, which contributes to the overall lightness of the bike. The swingarm is also made of aluminum with a structure similar to the Multistrada V4 unit.

Thanks to higher quality components, the Monster SP becomes even lighter, weighing 186 kg (410 lbs) in running order. The chassis is also extremely compact, agile and usable, with a wheelbase of only 1,474mm (58 in.). On the Monster SP, the lightweight self-supporting tail made of GFRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer) that acts as a housing for all the electrical and electronic elements, contains a lithium-ion battery, even lighter (3.7 lb) than the one used on the Monster.



The new Ducati Monster SP is equipped with a 43mm diameter Öhlins fork and an Öhlins shock absorber, both fully adjustable, which, compared to the standard Monster units, increase the rider’s feeling and above all the lean angle that can be reached in sporty riding and the ability to close the trajectory. The fork, in particular, contributes to the overall lightening of the Monster SP by being 0.6 kg (1.3 lb) lighter than the standard Monster unit.

Precision in sporty riding, in terms of distance and acceleration, is further improved thanks to the use, on the Monster SP, of a Sachs steering damper.


Tyres (Tires) and wheels :

The light alloy wheels, characterized by the red tag that enhances their sportiness, measure 3.50 x 17″ and 5.50 x 17″ and are fitted with Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV tyres, in 120/70 size at the front and 180/55 at the rear, to give superior performance in sporty road riding.



The braking system improves in performance, increasing in power and modulation thanks to the adoption of Brembo Stylema radial calipers that act on 320mm diameter discs featuring new aluminum flanges. At the rear the 245 mm single disc unit remains. The modifications allow the Monster SP to express greater braking power but also to improve agility thanks to the reduction of unsprung masses: the Stylema calipers allow a weight saving of 0.4 kg (0.9 lb), the aluminum flanges another 0.5 kg (1.1 lb).

The general lightening of the bike also comes with the adoption of a lithium-ion battery, which brings the overall weight saving to about 4.4 lbs in running order compared to the standard model (already a benchmark in the category for lightness), despite the addition of components such as the steering damper and the windshield.


The electronic sector of the Monster is at the top of the segment. The standard equipment includes ABS Cornering, Ducati Traction Control and Ducati Wheelie Control, all adjustable to various levels of intervention. The sporty character of the new Monster SP is also underlined by the Launch Control which ensures lightning-fast starts. This top-of-the-range motorcycle equipment allows the Monster SP to safely express its full performance.

The Sport, Touring and Wet Riding Modes allow the rider to shape the Monster’s character according to tastes and needs. Everything is easily managed through the handlebar controls and the 4.3” color TFT dashboard, featuring racing graphics that echo those of the Panigale V4, with a large rev counter and a complete set of information on the left, including that of the gear engaged.

The Ducati Monster SP will arrive in dealerships starting from January 2023, also in a depowered version for riding with an A2 license*.