2023 Ducati Diavel V4

2023 Ducati Diavel V4

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2023 Diavel
V4 Granturismo, V4 - 90°, 4 valves per cylinder, counter-rotatin
Gearbox - 6 speed with Ducati Quick Shift up / down
2023 Ducati Diavel V4


Dare to be Bold

Muscular, sporty, exaggerated and elegant at the same time, able to magnetize attention in any context, Diavel V4 synthesizes seemingly distant technical, dynamic and stylistic features, such as those of sport nakeds and muscle cruisers.

The exhilarating performances of the V4 Granturismo engine are combined with surprising agility and dynamics for such a motorcycle.



  • DESIGNED AROUND THE V4 GRANTURISMO: The V4 Granturismo takes center stage on our muscle bike and allows it to express its personality to the fullest. Ducati's four-cylinder engine guarantees high performance, combined with smoothness and regularity, at every rpm. The new chassis combines ideally with what have always been the Diavel's strengths, such as its characteristic riding position and comfort in medium-range touring. In addition, thanks to a major weight reduction, handling and agility improve noticeably.
  • POWER, SMOOTHNESS AND LIGHTNESS: The Diavel adopts the 1,158 cc V4 Granturismo engine, a central element of the bike’s design and at the same time a technical choice that improves performance, dynamics and riding pleasure. Powerful (168 hp), rich in torque at every rpm (with a peak value of 92.5 lb-ft at 7,500 rpm) but also extremely light and compact, the V4 Granturismo (which derives from the Desmosedici Stradale of Panigale V4 and Streetfighter V4) is at the same time smooth, regular and enjoyable from the lowest revs.
  • AN EXCITING AND UNMISTAKABLE SOUND: The Twin Pulse firing order, together with the dedicated exhaust system developed with great attention to "sound quality", unmistakably characterizes the stamp of the V4 Granturismo. The extended deactivation system for the rear cylinders, which allows the engine to operate as a twin-cylinder or as a four-cylinder with an imperceptible transition due to its gradualness, generates a change in the tone of the exhaust noise as it switches from one mode to the other. A deeper sound, with lower frequencies, characterizes the V4 Granturismo when only the two front cylinders are active. The frequencies, on the other hand, become higher when all four cylinders are operating.
  • DESIGNED TO GO FAR: The record valve adjustment check interval at 36,000 miles and the scheduled oil change every 9000 miles or 2 years mean only one thing: more time to drive and enjoy the ride.
  • THE EXTENDED DEACTIVATION SYSTEM FOR THE REAR CYLINDERS: The development of the V4 Granturismo also took into consideration fuel consumption and comfort: the extended deactivation system of the rear bank acts both during stops with the engine running, in order to reduce consumption and improve the thermal comfort of the rider and passenger.
  • CHASSIS AND ERGONOMICS: The technically refined chassis is centered on a lightweight aluminum monocoque frame attached to the cylinder heads, a single-sided swingarm cast in the same material, and steel trellis rear frame.
  • SUSPENSION: The fully adjustable Diavel V4 suspension consists of 1.9 inch diameter upside-down forks (with compression and preload adjustment on the left tube, and rebound on the right tube) and a single shock absorber with a separate piggyback reservoir. The wheel travel is 4.7 inches at the front and 5.7 inches at the rear, 0.6 more than Diavel 1260, with positive effects on the comfort of both the rider and the passenger.
  • BRAKES: At the front, the braking performance of the Diavel V4 is guaranteed by Brembo brakes with Stylema® radial monobloc calipers operated by a PR16/19 radial brake master cylinder with integrated aluminum reservoir acting on two 13 inch diameter floating discs. At the rear, on the other hand, the 10.4 inch diameter disc is braked by a two-piston caliper, also produced by Brembo.
  • TIRES AND RIMS: The Diavel V4 is fitted with five-spoke wheels featuring an exclusive design with machined surfaces. At the front, the wheel rim is 3.5” x 17”, while at the rear there is an 8.0” x 17” rim. A 120/70 ZR17 tire is mounted on the front rim, while the rear tire is 240/45 ZR17. The tires are Pirelli Diablo Rosso III.
  • ERGONOMICS: The riding position of the Diavel V4 continues to be sporty but comfortable and accessible, with a saddle positioned at 31.1 inches from the ground and completely redesigned to offer greater longitudinal space, support in strong acceleration and ample freedom of lateral movement of the body when leaning, thanks also to the excellent connection with the tank and to the footpegs located in a central position. On the Diavel V4 the wide and raised handlebars have been brought 0.7 inches closer to the rider's body to improve comfort and control in all situations.
  • STATE-OF-THE-ART ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT: The latest generation electronic package of the Diavel V4 is based on the use of a 6-axis inertial platform (6D IMU - Inertial Measurement Unit) capable of instantly detecting the roll, yaw and pitch angle of the motorcycle. The operating parameters of each control are associated by default with the four Riding Modes with which the Diavel V4 is equipped: Sport, Touring, Urban and the new Wet mode, designed specifically for low-grip surfaces. Each riding mode includes a power mode, which defines the maximum level of power that can be delivered and engine response, and the intervention levels of the electronic riding aid systems.
  • SPORT RIDING MODE: The Sport Riding Mode is the best performing one. The Diavel V4, with this Riding Mode, delivers its 168 hp with a direct and gutsy response. The intervention of Ducati Traction Control and Ducati Wheelie Control is reduced to a minimum and the ABS is set to level 2 which allows controlled lifting of the rear wheel in order to maximize braking performance, while maintaining Cornering functionality. It is the ideal choice for experienced riders who want to enjoy the maximum performance of the Diavel V4.
  • TOURING RIDING MODE: In Touring Riding Mode, the maximum power of the Diavel V4 remains 168 hp, but the delivery is softer and more progressive and the level of intervention of DTC and DWC is raised for greater vehicle controllability. The ABS is set to level 3, the safest and most prudent one thanks to the limitation of rear wheel lift, the optimization of combined braking and the active Cornering function.
  • URBAN RIDING MODE: The power delivery of the Urban Riding Mode is reduced to 115 hp (Low Power Mode) with a particularly softened and progressive response to better manage the continuous changes of surface. DTC and DWC move to a very high level of intervention. The ABS is set to level 3.
  • WET RIDING MODE: The Wet Riding Mode is designed for riding on low-grip surfaces, or more precisely in wet conditions.
  • ABS CORNERING EVO: The ABS system of the Diavel V4 includes the "cornering" function, which extends the ABS intervention even when the bike is leaning. The ABS Cornering appropriately uses the signals of the Bosch IMU inertial platform to optimally dose the braking power of the front and rear wheels even in critical situations and with the bike at an angle. By interacting with the Riding Modes, the system is able to offer solutions suitable for every situation and riding condition as well as rider preference. The system acts with three different levels of intervention. Level 1 offers maximum performance for sporty riding, does not have the Cornering function, the rear lift detection (lift-up) activated and allows the rear to yaw when braking with ABS applied to the front only. Level 2 ensures a balance between front and rear without rear wheel lift detection but with Cornering functionality active and calibrated for sporty riding. Level 3 allows the optimization of the braking action with detection of rear wheel lift and the Cornering function activated and calibrated for maximum safety (safe & stable configuration).
  • DUCATI TRACTION CONTROL (DTC) EVO 2: The new Ducati Traction Control (DTC) EVO 2 strategy derives from the Ducati Desmosedici GP18 and is already used on the Panigale V4 and Streetfighter V4 families. In addition to interfacing with the 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and adapting the intervention and slide to the lean angle of the bike, the software significantly improves power management out of corners thanks to the new "predictive” control strategy. Acting not only on the instantaneous value of the rear spin, but also on its variation, it intercepts the loss of grip more quickly and reduces slippage peaks, thus ensuring a quicker and more regular intervention. All this translates into greater vehicle stability when exiting corners, even in less-than-optimal grip conditions, greater acceleration and improved performance. Furthermore, the DTC EVO 2, in addition to management of the ignition and injection advance, provides for the intervention of the valves of the throttle bodies when a rapid intervention of the control is not necessary, allowing to maintain optimal combustion parameters and obtain smoother engine response and intervention. The DTC EVO 2 can be set on 4 different levels (3 in dry conditions and 1 in wet conditions), allowing the rider to adapt the control strategy to his or her riding style and grip conditions, obtaining maximum performance.
  • DUCATI WHEELIE CONTROL (DWC) EVO: The Streetfighter V4 is also equipped with the latest version of Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC) EVO, adjustable on 4 levels. This system, using information from the Bosch 6D IMU, controls wheelie and allows for maximum acceleration performance with ease and safety. The DWC EVO more accurately detects the presence and extent of wheelies and intervenes to control them with a greater level of precision, so as to satisfy the rider's requests even more accurately.
  • DUCATI POWER LAUNCH (DPL) EVO: This system, adjustable on three levels, is able to guarantee lightning-fast starts, allowing the rider to concentrate only on the management of the clutch release, allowing the "Dragster" soul of the Diavel V4 to express itself fully. Once set, it will be sufficient to engage first gear and open the throttle: the DPL during the first phase of the start, while the driver modulates the clutch release, will keep the V4 Granturismo stable around an optimal speed according to the selected DPL level; in the second phase, when the clutch is fully released, the DPL will control the torque delivered to ensure the maximum possible acceleration based on the predefined level. For its operation, the DPL exploits the functions of the DWC and always keeps the DTC active, to guarantee the highest level of safety in every situation. The system is automatically disengaged above the speed at the end of the maneuver, or once the third gear is engaged. To preserve the clutch, the system uses an algorithm that allows only a limited number of consecutive starts. The number of starts available is restored when the rider uses the bike normally. The DPL is adjustable on 3 levels. Level 1 is the one that privileges starting performance, level 3 is the most “safe and stable”.
  • DUCATI QUICK SHIFT UP/DOWN (DQS) EVO 2: The DQS EVO 2 with up / down function, developed for the Panigale V4, makes use of the information on the lean angle to maximize the stability of the bike during the shifting phase when cornering. The DQS EVO 2, in addition to minimizing shift times, allows you to downshift without using the clutch, ensuring even more effective braking. The system includes a bi-directional microswitch integrated in the kinematics of the lever which, at each gearshift operation, sends a signal to the control unit of the V4 Granturismo. The system acts separately for shifting and downshifting, integrating the action on ignition advance and injection, already present on the up-shift system, with the controlled opening of the throttle valve for down-shift operation thanks to the full Ride by Wire system management.
  • CRUISE CONTROL: Cruise Control makes highway transfers more relaxed.